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What Sets Attorney Greg Thurman And His Firm Apart In Handling Personal Injury Cases?

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  • How working with Thurman & Flanagin, Attorneys At Law, can benefit your Personal Injury Case

I believe that the personal and individual service that we provide sets us apart. Clients will not be calling a telephone number to my firm and getting an answering machine that will try to route them to their “case manager.” When you hire my firm, the attorney, or attorneys you speak with and who takes that case will be the attorney you deal with throughout the entire process. Our results speak for themselves. We’ve recovered over $25 million for our injured clients and for the families of those killed in accidents. My experience is that because we have attorneys involved in different areas of the law, it gives us a little more perspective on what all our clients have to deal with in other parts of their lives that aren’t related to the accident. So, we offer some ancillary things that can be extremely helpful along with getting the most money for their injuries.

I gave you an instance earlier; my client didn’t think he had a case because he had gotten ticketed for driving under the influence. My partner, Chris Flanagin, is a great criminal defense attorney in our office who immediately recognized flaws in the DWI arrest and pointed out that the alleged impairment had nothing to do with the negligence that caused our client’s injuries. So, having attorneys with diversity in practice areas in our firm can come in very handy in various ways. There have been times when I’ve had people who have been devastatingly injured, and they will not be able to go back to work. They need to also pursue a disability case. We have experienced disability attorney that can help them qualify for disability. Sometimes because of the large sums recovered for our injured clients they will need estate planning to help deal with the money they now have. Fortunately, our firm has experienced attorneys who can help put an estate plan together to deal with the money recovered and sometimes depending on the type of benefits that our injured client might need in the future, our attorneys may need a Special Needs Trust set up, so that the money recovered doesn’t disqualify them from other important benefits. I am proud of the fact, that many of my injury clients continue to use the services of our firm well after they have recovered and long after they settled their injury claim. I want them to always call our firm for all of their potential legal needs, if we can’t help them, we will find a trusted lawyer to refer them to.

Ultimately I think having experienced personal injury attorneys with proven results in a firm with attorneys with the diverse practice areas all striving to provide personal attention to your legal need, you will know that not only is our firm going to get you the best recovery available for your injury case, if other legal needs arise or may need to be addressed, you have established a relationship with a law firm to guide you through whatever else life may have in store for you. One thing I know for sure is to expect the unexpected.

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Thurman & Flanagin Attorneys At Law

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