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Attorney Greg Thurman’s Experience In Guiding Clients Through The Personal Injury Recovery Process

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  • How Attorney Greg Thurman can help clients through the personal injury process
  • What can be gained from reading this book

I have been practicing law for 23 years. I started a law firm that did nothing but auto accidents and Social Security disability right out of law school. I focused on both practice areas within my first year and a half of practicing law, and I had tried half a dozen jury trials that were exclusively auto accident cases to juries by the time I was heading into my third year as an attorney. So, I got a lot of experience at a young age. Over the years, I have handled catastrophic injury auto accidents and wrongful death from auto accidents. The auto accident cases that result in injuries that are life-changing for people, of course, result in more significant recoveries as do auto accidents that cause a person’s death. My firm has represented injured person and or the family of those killed in accidents and had multiple million-dollar plus recoveries behalf of our clients. I’ve also handled your garden-variety auto accidents where people are injured, sometimes pretty serious initially, but go on to recover and go on living their life. No case is too big or too small, and our firm is equipped to handle the largest cases with a team of experts to be assembled to prove the case. We are not just looking for big cases, as I’ve handled a wide variety of all sizes, all types of car accidents, trailer accidents, pedestrian-car accidents. You name it. I’ve seen it as have the other attorneys at our law firm.

The Knowledge To Be Gained From This Book

When people are looking for an attorney, it is crucial they find someone who can communicate the process to them at their level. We are not a firm that is just trying in a 30-second television commercial to convince them that we are the only attorney who can handle their case. The more informed people are as to how the system works, the more satisfied they will be with their results. My strength as an auto injury attorney and one that the other lawyers in my firm have learned as well, is letting my clients know how the process works from day one. Unfortunately, there is a lot of misinformation about how the process works. The insurance industry has done an excellent job over the last 25 years of convincing people that they will help them if they’re in an accident when that is just not the case. An injured person needs an advocate for them who understands the system, has years of experience borne out by the multi millions recovered on behalf of former clients who were also in their same place following an auto wreck which injured them.

So, I think that it is essential that this book helps people understand how the process works from start to finish, eliminate some of the misinformation that is out there and gives them a guide on how things should unfold from the moment the accident happens until they can reach a resolution either through a settlement before a lawsuit is filed, or settlement after a lawsuit is filed or finally through a jury verdict.

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