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Motorcycle Accident Injury Claims In Arkansas

Motorcycle Accident Injury Claims In Arkansas

What Evidence Will My Attorney Be Looking For In My Motorcycle Accident Case To Help Prove The Motorist Who Hit Me Is At Fault?

The accident report will be the first thing your attorney wants to review. This way, your attorney can see what is included and what is omitted. When law enforcement reports to the scene of an accident, they’re going to the extent that they can talk to all drivers involved. So, if a third vehicle is involved in your accident, the police will try to speak to them and any witnesses.

The police will want to talk to anyone involved to determine who was at fault at the scene. If the police decide who is at fault, that will appear in the police report. Reviewing the accident report is a good starting point for us to see exactly how your accident happened and whether the driver who caused it got a ticket for violating the rules of the road. But it doesn’t necessarily stop there.

We may also need to learn more about exactly how your accident happened. Therefore, we may need to retain an Accident Reconstructionist. An Accident Reconstructionist is trained to examine evidence of the accident. They dissect how it occurred and paint a clear picture for the jury about why the person who hit you is at fault versus you as the motorcycle driver.

How Common Are Traumatic Brain Injuries As A Result Of Motorcycle Accidents?

Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon to see folks who have suffered a traumatic brain injury from a motorcycle accident, even if they are wearing a helmet. Since you’re not in a car but on a motorcycle, you don’t have airbags or things of that nature to help absorb any of the impact. So as a result, your body will incur more trauma from the crash if you’re on a motorcycle, which can result in traumatic brain injuries.

Are Permanent Injury Or Disabilities As A Result Of A Motorcycle Accident Common?

The lack of protection can cause permanent injuries or disabilities from motorcycle accidents. Being on a motorcycle leaves you very exposed on the roads. There’s more potential for bodily injury, especially if you’re on a motorcycle and the at-fault party is in a regular car, pickup truck, or semi-truck.

Unfortunately, a motorcycle will not match a larger vehicle in an accident. As a result, permanent injury or disability is common to motorcycle riders.

How Are Lifelong Or Long-Term Injuries As A Result Of Motorcycle Accidents Compensated Or Calculated? How Do You Plan For Future Costs When You Don’t Know What They Are?

Determining compensation for lifelong and long-term injuries from a motorcycle accident varies. Often,  you need to have a complete picture of your long-term injuries and how they could permanently change your life.  To do this, your personal injury attorney can retain an expert on life care, standard, and quality of life.

This expert creates a report for a jury describing precisely what long-term care you will need and the likely cost of that care over the course of the rest of your life. This is essential to assess and secure payment for your care into the future.

I Was Injured In A No Contact Accident When A Car Forced My Motorcycle Off The Road. Do I Still Have A Personal Injury Case?

Depending on the facts of your case, you could still have a personal injury lawsuit if someone ran you off the road while you were on your motorcycle. Once we investigate the accident and find out that you crashed your motorcycle because of someone else, you still have a claim against the driver who forced you off the road.

The at-fault driver is not off the hook because they did not collide with you. They are still required to obey the rules of the road and drive their vehicle so that they’re not causing harm to somebody else. They still have a duty to exercise due care even if they didn’t hit your motorcycle.

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