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How Are Disability Benefits Calculated In Arkansas?

In this article, you will learn:

  • How disability benefits are calculated in Arkansas
  • Common mistakes made when applying for benefits
  • Why it is wise to enlist the help of a lawyer when applying for benefits

SSI is set by regulation, meaning there is a monthly amount. This monthly amount is tied to inflation. $841.00 is the maximum an eligible individual can receive for SSI in 2022. If you are a couple, meaning that you’re both disabled under the SSI program, the maximum amount is $1,261.00. There is also something called an Essential Person. There are some very technical rules regarding whether or not an essential person can draw and benefit under your SSI benefit. It can be challenging to explain, but the essential person must have stayed at the house and taken care of you, though that is a topic for a different article.

In SSDI, Title 2, the amount can be much, much higher than with SSI. The amount under SSDI is typically based on how much money you earned and paid into the Social Security system, and most people drawing Title 2 will draw substantially more than the SSI amount.

There are cases where if you’re poor and you’ve worked and paid into the system but let’s say you’ve done low wage jobs and your SSDI benefits are going to be several hundred a month, if you do meet the means test, they’re going to put you on SSI. This is called a concurrent case, and they’re going to bump you up an additional $100.00 or so in order to get you on the same level at that person who’s disabled but never worked or hadn’t paid enough into the Social Security system who gets SSI. Bottom line, they don’t want somebody who has worked but not made a lot of money to qualify for SSDI but receive less of a benefit than the person who hasn’t worked and qualifies for SSI.

What Do You Find Are Some Common Mistakes That People Make When They’re Applying For SSI Or SSDI Benefits?

The common mistake I see is applying for benefits then giving up when denied. People give up based on the letter they receive from Social Security stating they don’t qualify under the rules and regulations for disability and have a time limit to file an appeal. I commonly find people give up at this stage and don’t contact an attorney.

Do I Need An Attorney To Apply For Disability, Or Should I Wait Until I’m Denied To Hire An Arkansas Disability Attorney?

Today, whether you need to hire an attorney when applying for disability benefits depends on the tech savviness of the person applying. I used to say, “Make your application, and if you get denied, give me a call.” But now, Social Security has transitioned everybody to the internet, so I find a lot of people get confused as to where to send their application. If it is a case I believe I’ll take, I will submit the initial application for my client. So, while the technical answer is no, you don’t need an attorney to apply for disability, I think you’re going to be better off the earlier you do get representation by an attorney in a disability case. For example, we help people from the initial application forward.

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