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Is It Worth Fighting A Large Trucking Company’s Powerful Insurance Company To Pay My Medical Bills For The Serious Injuries Caused By Their Driver?

In this article, you will learn:

  • Why it is worthwhile to pursue damages after an Arkansas trucking accident, and how much a potential case could be worth
  • Why retaining the services of a personal injury attorney with knowledge in the field is critical

It is absolutely worth fighting the trucking company’s insurance agency to seek recovery for medical bills and other severe damages. I’ve had some of the most success for my clients fighting the insurance companies of commercial trucking companies. With that said, you must hire an attorney that has dealt with these types of cases before and who understands the urgency of putting together a team to start gathering evidence. For example, the attorney must ensure that a spoliation letter has gone out to the trucking company so that the evidence is preserved—and in truck wreck cases, there is a lot of evidence, including technical data you can obtain. This means trucking companies, especially the larger ones, will have their own teams designed to gather information to protect their liability defense from the start. Meanwhile, the injured party is just trying to deal with what’s just happened to them, often being treated at different medical facilities and in need of surgery. In this case, an experienced plaintiff’s attorney is the only advocate the injured party can count on to help level the playing field with the trucking companies at fault for the wreck.

What Is My Eureka Springs, Arkansas, Trucking Accident Case Worth, And How Are Future Medical Costs Going To Be Factored In?

This may be an unsatisfactory answer, but how much your trucking case is worth always depends on the circumstances. Every case will be worth the value of the damages, starting with the bodily injury and the medical expenses incurred to treat those injuries. Economic damages, such as wage loss, may also be recovered. Then, of course, pain and suffering damages will be considered. Additionally, future monetary damages may be recovered—for example, if you’re disabled and unable to work again, or if you will require future medical treatment or long-term care for your injuries. I always tell my clients that I cannot say for certain what their case is worth the first time I meet them because I have to investigate the full extent of their damages first. What I can say for certain is that the most valuable cases I’ve handled have involved truck wrecks.

Why Should I Retain Legal Representation From A Knowledgeable And Experienced Trucking Accident Lawyer In Eureka, Arkansas To Get Fair Compensation For My Injuries?

Like I said earlier, when looking to retain legal services after a trucking accident, you must have somebody who understands the motives of the trucking company. A trucking company will have a team of experts dispatched to the scene as quickly as the accident is reported. So, as the injured party, you need an experienced trucking accident attorney on your side who can ensure that all the evidence is preserved and who can put together a team of experts on your behalf to maximize your recovery. You may have to have an accident investigation, an accident reconstructionist, or a vocational expert to deal with any future lost wages. You may require the services of an economist. There are many different things that a good attorney who has dealt with these cases understands, including the urgency required to make sure that you level the playing field as quickly as possible with an industry that has put together what they call rapid response teams. It’s essential that your attorney understands this and has connections within the industry to put a team together so that team can be deployed on your behalf.

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