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Car Wrecks

Fair Compensation For Car Accidents In Eureka Springs, AR

Have you experienced an auto accident? If so, we are sorry for the circumstances you find yourself in. However, we want you to recover from this accident as best as possible. We are pleased to offer the support of our seasoned car accident lawyer and trusted support staff to aid in making this as smooth of a process for you.

If a person is in a collision on the road or otherwise encounters an accident caused by a moving vehicle, the consequences may be dire. Stress from the expenses in damages and medical expenses may even take away from a person’s ability to focus on healing. A scenario like this will create a stressful period that nobody should go through without legal support. Our top-rated car wreck and accident settlement attorney takes pride in advising clients through the claims process and pursuing their best interests through aggressive settlement negotiations. Our firm of car accident lawyers, Thurman & Flanagin Attorneys At Law, is located in Eureka Springs, AR. The law firm of Thurman & Flanagin has successfully protected the rights of thousands of Arkansas very own. Faithfully, we have served members of the Eureka Springs community and surrounding areas since 2003.

What Should I Do After A Car Accident?

After a car accident, the first essential step is determining the cause of the accident. For this, you will want to get in contact with an experienced attorney for car wreck compensation before filing a claim. Our skilled car wrecks lawyer will investigate the accident on your behalf, documenting every pertinent detail. Our team will advise you of whether or not you have a substantial legal case and identify the potential value of your case. We will also assess the damages and firmly establish the proper compensation you are entitled to. This process of sufficiently evaluating the value of a claim is often complex, especially when it comes to negotiating the total settlement amount with an insurance company. Keep in mind that insurance companies, in the interest of profits, will not make this process any more convenient for you. Instead, they will leverage the circumstances to protect the interests of the driver insured under their policy or their own pockets if they can help it. Since you will likely be up against a well-equipped and experienced legal team, having us on your side will serve to level the playing field in your favor.

What Does A Car Accident Claim Include?

Completing a car accident personal injury claim includes various steps. The process is not as straightforward as being awarded compensation for whatever you claim. Instead, settling a claim involves:

  • Confirming you followed all traffic laws and establishing the party who violated any traffic laws
  • Proving the other driver was at fault
  • Negotiating with insurance companies
  • Assessing damages caused by the accident
  • Providing adequate medical treatment
  • Investigating and documenting all evidence related to your claim

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