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Burn Cases

Justice For Burn Victims In Eureka Springs, AR

If you or a loved one is a burn victim and would like to seek monetary compensation, the team at Thurman & Flanagin wants you to be granted the maximum possible compensation. At Thurman & Flanagin Attorneys At Law, our burn injury compensation experts are equipped with the skills and experience needed to win you a favorable settlement outcome.

Many burn accident cases are caused by accidents in the workplace or as a result of auto vehicle accidents. However, burn cases can occur in various settings, most commonly a result of the negligence or recklessness of another party. Our team of dedicated burn injury lawyers understands that burn injuries can be excruciating, both physically and emotionally. We understand that victims of burn injuries may have life-long consequences, including scarring or disfigurement, immense pain, or even permanent disability. If you decide to work with our office in Eureka Springs, AR, know that the attorneys at Thurman & Flanagin will be empathetic and driven by compassion in their approach to advising and protecting you.

Classification Of Burn Injuries

When the court views your burn injury case, your injuries will be classified by the depth, location, and size of the burns you have endured. The severity of the burns will directly impact the value of your settlement. Generally, the more severe the burn is, the higher the compensation will be. A burn cases claim lawyer working for you will document the necessary medical documentation for establishing the severity of your burn, which will assist in obtaining the fairest settlement amount.

There are four main classifications of burn injuries, each described as ‘degrees’ of damage in the medical profession. A first-degree burn is usually minor and tends to heal within several days. First-degree burns are often compared to sunburn and are typically not very substantial settlements compared to a more severe injury. A second-degree burn, however, can warrant very significant settlement amounts. Rather than only being a superficial burn, second-degree burns affect the top two layers of the skin. They require medical treatment and include symptoms such as extreme swelling, blistering, and intense pain.

A third-degree burn is a nasty injury, and while settlement amounts for these claims range, you can expect ample compensation for such a severe injury. Third-degree burns typically turn the affected area black, brown, or yellow. They burn nerve endings and may render complete numbness rather than pain. Finally, a fourth-degree burn is a heartbreaking injury in which burns go through the skin’s underlying tissue and penetrates the deepest tissue, possibly burning muscle and bone. Due to the nature of a fourth-degree burn, a monetary settlement would be asking to make up for simply too much loss. Thus, settlement amounts granted for fourth-degree burns are the largest by far. If you or a loved one has been affected by any of these injury classifications, the burn case lawyers at Thurman & Flanagin are eager to support you during this difficult time.

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While the severity of your injury is certainly the most dominant factor in the value of your burn injury case, other factors can also significantly affect the outcome of your settlement. Complications from burns are often more harmful than the initial injury itself. For example, radiation accidents may lead to cancer, or a third-degree burn may lead to disfigurement or infections. An experienced attorney for burn accidents will assist with establishing the precise cause of your injury, which may be essential to establishing pertinent details. This is especially true if you are experiencing psychological or emotional trauma from an injury.

As experts in negotiation and legal debate, we know how to stand up for our clients. To receive fair compensation for your burn injury claims, start by consulting Thurman & Flanagin Attorneys At Law in Eureka Springs, AR. If you cannot visit our office in person, we are readily available to schedule a remote consultation or an in-person visit in the comfort of your home.

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