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Support For Spinal Injury Lawsuits In Eureka Springs, AR

Spinal cord injuries often lead to debilitating effects that individuals must continue living with for the rest of their lives. If you have experienced a spinal injury, an expert in spinal injury lawsuits at Thurman & Flanagin will be able to make the most difference in your case. Unfortunately, many spinal cord injury victims who do not have an experienced attorney representing them will struggle to move forward with their lives immediately after an injury, due to challenges or delays in receiving compensation for their injury from the liable party. At Thurman & Flanagin Attorneys At Law, our brain injury lawyer wants to offer you adequate guidance and legal protection. Not only to obtain a favorable settlement that will cover the cost of medical treatment expenses but also to reimburse you, at least a little bit, for any emotional distress endured from your accident.

What Are Some Common Causes Of Spinal Cord Injuries?

There are currently various leading causes of spinal injuries in America. However, auto accidents and workplace accidents contribute the most to the total number of spinal injuries reported yearly by the National Spinal Cord Injury Statistical Center. In the case of auto accidents, spinal injuries are so common because of the forceful, rapid back-and-forth movement of the neck, which occurs upon collision. This type of injury is commonly referred to as ‘whiplash’. As far as workplace injuries go, they can happen for many reasons, including employee fatigue, exposure to hazardous materials, improper gear, and much more. In either of these cases, having a spinal injury lawyer to prove who is responsible can be a lifesaver to avoid getting blamed for your own injury.

Each of these causes can damage the cervical, coccygeal, lumbar, or thoracic branches of the spine. Types of damage generally include compression, contusions, dislocations, or fractures. These injuries can quickly rack up thousands of dollars in medical debt. Not to mention, they can result in paralysis or a disability that can impair your ability to earn your own income or live an independent lifestyle. Seeking compensation on your own is highly inadvisable. You will be running the risk of getting overwhelmed by paperwork, missing deadlines, or lacking in documentation. On the other hand, an experienced brain injury claim attorney will ensure that your spinal injury settlement is optimal.

Examples of typical expenses the spinal injury lawyers at Thurman & Flanagin have successfully reimbursed include all medical fees throughout the entire medical recovery. Everything can be compensated for, starting from the cost of treatment during emergency hospitalization to the cost of ambulance services, prescription medications, physician services, physical therapy, and the provision of assistive devices such as prosthetics or a wheelchair.

If you require expert legal assistance to protect the health of yourself or a loved one, there is no better choice than to contact Thurman & Flanagin Attorneys At Law for information on how we can aid with your specific lawsuit. Whether you only have questions or want to initiate your claim, contact us for a consultation to get started. Our team will reveal all of your legal options and help you receive the fair compensation you deserve.

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